Bodyography Concealer Review & Swatches

January 09, 2017

After I saw some articles saying Kim Kardashian likes these concealers, I wanted to try them. Yea... i'm that person...

An article by InStyle wrote this in regards to Kim recommending this concealer:
The selfie queen recently called out the creamy formula on her new website and app when providing fans with a comprehensive guide to her “perfect daytime look.” She suggested using the lightweight product to diminish the appearance of dark circles while noting that it's “easy to apply and covers beautifully.” While the mom-to-be reaches for #410, the brand offers a selection of shades to complement every skin tone out there. 

I agree with Kim when she said these are lightweight and easy to apply. I think anything Kim applies on her perfect undereyes will look good. Kim Kardashian aside, here are my thoughts on these concealers.

These thin out quite a bit when applied to the skin. They aren't full coverage, but do provide a light-weight feel that can be built up to a medium coverage. 

These look dewy until they set down. Then they look dry. Note this if you have a lot of undereye texture including milia and fine lines because it can accentuate that once it dries down. After an hour of wear, my undereye starts to look a little dry and crepey, very similar to how the Mac Prolongwear concealer wears. I don't like the Mac Pronlongwear concealer for that reason, but some people absolutely love it. This concealer claims to not settle in fine lines, and it really doesn't. But the reverse effect can accentuate the micro lines eveyones undereye has. I don't need to set this with powder and it hasn't creased on me yet. Yay for that.

I find these work best as an undereye corrector/brightener. Even though they sheer out, they still provide a brightening effect with the bright tones offered. 

For example, the first shade is quite pink. The next shade is quite yellow. So under the eye, this can work to your benefit if you want to counteract blue-purple circles.

I think you would like these concealers if:

You're looking for something that looks good no matter how much or how little you apply. You don't need serious coverage but want a brightening/colour correcting effect under the eye. You don't have a dry, seriously textured undereye. You like how Mac Prolongwear looks on your under-eye.

Concealers are such a personal thing. I like this concealer as an undereye colour corrector. There are pros and cons to these concealers. Everyone has desired concealer features that weigh high about everything else. Judge for yourself how you think it looks below!

Other things to note:

These are made in the US, cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free and vegan!

$19 US for 0.5oz/15g

Bodyography Concealer swatches: 410 420 430 510 540 600
If you're pale and looking to use this as an undereye concealer, shade 410 will look a little yellow on the skin. Some people like that. Shade 420 lightens my undereye a little more. It suprisingly suits me best. But I prefer to mix 410 and 420.

410: Porcelain shade with pink undertone. More pink than MAC NW13
420: Fair shade with yellow undertone. More yellow than MAC NC15
430: Light/Medium shade with yellow-pink undertone. Peachy shade.
510: Medium shade with bisque - orange undertone
540: Medium shade with golden olive undertone
600: Deep shade with red undertone

bodyography concealer swatch
You can buy Bodyography products at and use their store locator to find their products elsewhere.

*pr sample. Opinions are always honest. Never forcefully positive.

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