Why I Don't Buy Mink Lashes

December 03, 2016

I want to say that I am not a golden star animal activist. I simply try to minimise my animal suffering footprint on the world as much as I can.

Why should a mink should suffer (or die) for a pair of eyelashes when there are eyelashes that look just like mink lashes?

Some mink lash companies claim to be cruelty free but do nothing to actually back themself up. It's just empty words. How can you know what the mink farm used to supply to fur for the lashes is like? You can't but we can make an educated guess based on what we can find on the internet. We can also keep in mind that money often wins over animal welfare.

A mink won't live to be old, relaxed and happy at a mink farm. There are free range mink farms used for lash companies but i'm personally very iffy on them. I think it's bull. I will take free-range, "cruelty free" lash companies somewhat seriously if they provide footage of their farms/zoos and the harvesting standard. But they don't. Mink eyelash companies aren't in control of these farms. They just get their fur from them. They are often the same farms that kill the minks to create fur coats. Anything can happen behind the scenes that the company wouldn't like if they saw. It's not like they're the ones brushing the animals...

Google 'cruelty free mink farm', you will find no footage or images on these farms. Because it doesn't exist.

Most mink farms are all varying levels of the word horrible. Minks are very aggressive animals that enjoy a solitary life roaming the earth. These cruelty free companies claim that the minks are brushed and so they can use the fallen hairs for their eyelashes. It sounds so clean of a process doesn't it.

The people that brush these minks just want to get the job done. They become desensitized to animal suffering. They aren't paid peanuts to be nice. Online videos show workers being rough with these feisty animals. Simply trying to put minks back in a cage is hard enough, workers just shove em in. You can be sure the minks get hurt or very distressed in that process alone. 90% of  the footage I saw made me sad. The minks are incredibly stressed or ill or dead. If the farm is really bad, you'd see dead minks in some cages. There are some mink farms out there with good standards. But they are specifically for killing minks. Rows upon rows of caged minks... all for lashes or a coat! 

Buying mink lashes gives mink eyelash companies incentive to continue production. Stay away from them all. From small Instagram mink lash companies- they likely don't have the money to investigate their suppliers. Just like how the FDA does not have to regulate if a teen wants to start an Instagram makeup company, no one is checking up on if their claims of selling cruelty free lashes is accurate. It doesn't have to be. Just like when companies label their products as 'natural' when they really aren't.

When buying lashes on AliExpress or eBay, they might be labeled as 'natural lashes' instead of 'mink lashes'. Assume they are mink lashes unless the seller specifically lists the material as synthetic. Stay away from mink lashes sold out of China. Animal rights there are not like in the Western world. This is a place that holds a dog eating festival.

There are AMAZING cruelty free lashes out there that literally look like mink lashes. This year, I discovered Feline Lashes. Below I have listed more options!

Rant. Over.

Ontario mink farms (not graphic)


$7 US






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