MYCHELLE REVIEW | Natural Skincare Regime For Anti Aging & Post Acne Marks

December 08, 2016

For the past two months, I have changed my skincare routine to natural products from the company Mychelle. I had never heard of them until recently, but they are the real deal. They are based out of Colorado and are the first skincare company to use anti-aging peptides, plant stem cells and clinically proven dermatological ingredients in their products. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send me some products to review. They are expanding to Canada which is great because it turns out they have really nice products. The products they sell are pricier, but I feel it's justified. Unlike some of the skincare brands sold at stores like Sephora, the products Mychelle sells are more natural yet still very effective. 

All their products are made without GMO, Gluten, Parabens, Petroleum, Phalates, Silicones, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances and Artificial Colours

Since i've started this new regime, my skin has never looked better. The Mychelle products i've been using have really helped to keep my skin soft, balanced and more even in skintone and texture. My post acne marks have been fading faster than usual. For the first time in years i've needed a lot less foundation to cover up my post acne marks. As a whole, these products have worked well together. Two of their products have become 'holy grail' products for me.

Refining Sugar Cleanser

Introducing my new holy grail cleanser. I don't want to sound dramatic because it's just a cleanser. But it's amazing - and this is coming from a former anti-cleanser person. Before I discovered this cleanser, I would rarely use a cleanser. I found they over stripped my skin or did nothing to improve it. This cleanser is not like that. It cleans your skin of oil, yet leaves it feeling so soft. It doesn't leave a residue on your skin, but it leaves it feeling utterly moisturized and balanced. It's difficult to explain. It's probably from the hyaluronic acid in it which is an amazing humectant that retains water in the skin. This cleanser also has anti-aging peptides and plant extracts. People in my house of different skin types have used this cleanser with me and they love it too (I started to hide it from them hehe). Like it's name, this contains natural sugar which provides some exfoliation until it dissolves as you rub it in. It has an interesting texture. It mildy foams but not in a way a sulfate based cleanser would. It's a fine, heavy foam with a very plush feeling. I love it. Lastly, the scent is AMAZING. To my nose, it is the greatest smell ever. It smells of vanilla and cookies. Basically a bake shop. If I were to recommend any product from Mychelle, it would be this cleanser. It's lovely and worth the splurge.

This cleanser is $25 US at $25 US at For Canadians, you can buy this cleanser for $32 CAD at and Murale. also sells this cleanser for Americans and Canadians. Full ingredient list is found at

Supreme Polypeptide Cream

Onto my second new holy grail product. I have to say this cream is really good and worth the money. The ingredient list is long and full of amazing, beneficial ingredients. Key active ingredients are: 
Matrixyl ®synth'6®: Rebuilds collagen and elastin where it's needed. Great for wrinkles.
Pea Peptide Extract: Promotes collagen. Antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effects.
Synth®-Coll: Improves the syntheis of collagen, reduces wrinkle depth and firms.

I really like this cream because it leaves my skin feeling really soft and nourished. My pores feel hydrated in the morning and my dark spots get more benefits than an average cream would give. Anti-aging creams are actually good for people with PIH. Texture of creams are very important to me. I hate creams that sit on the skin or have a glycerin feel. This cream feels creamy and thick in all the right ways. Applied to the skin, it thins out to feel slightly more oily. I haven't used this under foundation but I think it would be fine. I apply mine an hour before bed so it has time to soak in my face a little before my pillow steals the product. This will sit on the skin for a while which I love because I get a layer of moisture for longer. My skin always feels plump in the morning after using this. The scent it has I can best describe as weird 'essential oils'. Cough * frankincense*. I'm not crazy about it but it doesn't bother me at all. There is an unscented version for those sensitive to scents. To me this is just a quality cream. It is on sale on the Mychelle website for $40 right now which is a reasonable price.

This can be found at Ulta for $56 US. On sale for $40 US at $70 CND at It can also be found at and Murale. Full ingredient list is found at

Remarkable Retinal Serum

I liked this serum. For about 2 months, I applied this to the left side of my face only. I noticed some lightening of redness and red marks in a few weeks more that their Vitamin c serum gave (that was applied only to the right side of my face). The only thing I didn't like is how this serum sits on the skin (it can be rolled off with your finger once dried). This is a really personal preference of mine that doesn't seem to bother others. They suggest you apply this serum a few moments before your cream. I do that, but when I apply their cream on top, this serum just rolls off in little glycerin balls. I'd like to see this serum less of a glycerin formula.

According to Mychelle, this serum contains the most potent non-prescription from of Vitamin A, Retinal. Retinal is 500 times more effective than cosmeseutical-strength Vitamin A. It's created with a patent-pending cryogenic extraction process, making it less irritating than other forms of Vitamin A. It's created to enhance skin radiance, reduce wrinkles and skin lines as well as treat acne, folliclar papules and oily skin.

Being in my very early 20's, I can't say I noticed a reduction in wrinkles :) But they say prevention is key with wrinkles! My skin has not broken out as much. I can't say for sure if it's all due to this product, but i'm sure it helps.
This serum can be found at for $60 CND. and for $47.50 US. This serum can also be found at Murale Canada and Full ingredient list is found at


Perfect C Serum 17%

I am a Vitamin C serum user. I use Vitamin C to bright my complexion and fade post acne spots. I use a 25% strength Vitamin C serum, so this was a little step down in strength. The pros of the Mychelle Vitamin C serum is the added stem cells, antioxidants, carotenoids etc. Most Vitamin C serums don't have that. Unfortunately I found their serum smells like alcohol. Vitamin C serums do contain alcohol but the scent of this one was much stronger. It's just a little off putting. Secondly, I found the bottle to be teeny tiny. It's only .5 fl oz. The shelf life of their serum is 18 months but i'd think you'd use up the bottle in maybe 5 months. I just found the price a little much for the product amount. It must be for the added ingredients? Last thing to note is that some people complain that the pump poorly dispenses product. I'd agree but I found a way to work around that. I can't say if I noticed a huge difference in my skin because I slacked on using this and stuck to their retinol cleanser.

This serum can be found at for $56 CND and Murale. for $44 US. for $44 US. This serum can also be found at You can find the full ingredients list here.

Have you tried anything by Mychelle? What do you recommend?

*pr sample. My opinions are not forcefully altered to be positive.

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