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by - December 17, 2016

MAISON JACYNTHE review Eyeshadow in 04 Cappuccino & 11 Macchiato concealer 01
Maison Jacynthe is a Quebec brand that was founded in 2014 by Jacynthe Rene, an actress, producer and writer. She has an online magazine that features advice on health, detox diets and natural beauty. Maison Jacynthe similarly sells makeup, face and body products, essential oils and home products. In the summer of 2016, they launched a makeup line that is cruelty free, formulated with natural and active ingredients and made in Italy.

UPDATE. I have more Maison Jacynthe makeup reviews on my blog! Click here for a review on their nude lipstick and here for one of their new eyeshadows.

Packaging & Design

Looking through images of their products, you see that the packaging is high quality, but you'll find that in actually holding it, it's better than you thought. The concealer casing has a handmade vibe to it. The base of the tube is a brushed metal that might be stainless steel. I didn't realize that through online images. It has a weight to it that feels great to hold and lets it stand upright, stability on surfaces. The wooden cap is full of character. The one side of mine has a slight texture from the wood grain that I just love. There is no way i'm throwing out this casing after I finish the concealer. I'd like to find a way to reuse it by putting in a custom made lipstick.

The eyeshadow packing is no different. It's cute and has all the information on it in English and French. The names of most of their products are Italian or French themed which is also...cute.

maison jacythe eyeshadow

Currently, their makeup is specified by number on their online shop, but they do have names.


$22 CND / 3g
MAISON JACYNTHE Eyeshadow in 04 Cappuccino & 11 Macchiato
(This photo has been edited so that the eyeshadows are nearly the exact colour they are in 'real life')
I LOVE the eyeshadows. The formula is just right. It feels firm to touch but is soft enough to easily pick up shadow without having a ton of fallout. They can be applied to get a light wash of colour or be built up to full opacity. It's so easy to blend out. For a matte eyeshadow, it looks very 'smooth' in texture on the eye.

I found it hard to decide on what shades to pick because they all were subtly unique shades that I would actually wear. Some also looked a little similar online. I liked every colour I saw but I decided to choose two shades that I know I would wear the most:

04: Cappuccino
A stunning lid colour or transition shade. I would describe it as medium brown with yellow-orange undertones. Or a medium camel brown. I really recommend this one. It's a staple shade that will last you years.

maison jacynthe eyeshadow cappuccino 04

11: Macchiato
This is a unique shade. If you take a quick glance at it, you'd say it's gray. But if you hold it next to a black or a true grey shade, you'll see traces of yellow in it. On your eyes, it looks like a warm grey. Like I said, these shadows are buildable so this would be a lovely lid or transition shade depending on how opaque you want it.

04 Cappuccino in the crease and 11 Macchiato on the lid. Concealer in 01 under the eye and on middle of forehead.
maison jacynthe eyeshadow swatch concealer 04 011 01
Brush and finger swatches on primer in natural, white light


$33 CND / 3.5g

01:Light Beige

This concealer got good reviews, so I thought i'd try it. I encountered some issues with it. I have some milia under my eye and really dark circles. This concealer can be built up to a good coverage when you apply it, but it can easily blend out into nothing. It clung a little to texture and creased under my eye slightly.  The shade 01 matches me perfectly. The undertone is yellow, which is perfect for me. The concealer is slightly hard so that you can't glide it in one go under your eye without tugging on it. It can however be applied in short stroking motions. I found that by the end of the day, it's mostly gone from my face but was still clung to the texture and was sunk in my pores. Lastly, the concealer broke in half at the base after a few uses.

I would describe it's smell as wax and a fruity herbal tea mixed together. It's not overwhelming or unpleasant.

I think if you have a smooth undereye that needs minimal coverage, this would be a nice, healthy option. If you're picky with concealers like I am, you might feel it's a little lacking.

You can find all these products here.

*pr sample. Opinions are honest, not forcefully positive.


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  1. Glad you got to try some Maison Jacynthe products as well! I love Cappuccino - what a gorgeous shade!

    1. I'm so happy I got to try the shadows too. Cappuccino reminds me of an all natural version of MUG frappe or latte. Love it.