Ireland 2016 (Killkenny, Dublin, Glendalough, Blarney, Wicklow, Moher etc)

December 03, 2016

Where Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince was filmed. The Cliffs of Moher. Tom Riddles cave is right there. Do you see it? Right there.
This is SO long overdue. I thought i'd share pictures of some of the sights I saw while in Ireland in May. I know that's months ago, but better late then never.

 It's so beautiful there and the people were so nice. Strangers come up to talk to you in Dublin. In smaller towns, people wave hello to you. And the accents...uhhhh. I have a mild obsession. Fun fact, Damien Rice is my favourite artist (he's Irish) I was hoping i'd run into him at a Dublin food market but he was in China at the time :'(.

 Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries i've been to. Full of history. You get the point. Go there sometime.

(We saw so much since we drove across Ireland but I didn't take pictures of every town)

First stop was Dublin. We stayed on Fleet street at the Fleet Street hotel. Fleet Street is a super busy, cobble stone side street. You'll find the famous Temple bar on Fleet Street.

Fleet Street

Trinity College Library

Dublin is full of street musicians

Bank on College Green. This restaurant was badass.
More of the ceiling.
My dinner at the Bank on College Green
It's gorgeous inside.
The pianist looked just like Hank Green.

I see me.
Walk through the gate and you see this.

And some sort of court.

First stop outside of Dublin. Around Glendalough. Really good soup here.
Glendalough. Walk to the monastery. It must have been a gorgeous place to live.

This is a monastery at Glendalough. Near the Wicklow Mountains. This is where monks lived long ago. They had a toilet a short walk away. It was samples by scientist. They ate berries and other things I can't remember.

The monastery from far away. It looks way better in person.

Driving into the middle of nowhere. Lots of high hills, sheep and cut down trees. Not a good place to have a heart attack.

I noticed a ton of empty houses, house for sale or just abandoned in my secluded areas of Ireland. This one looks inhabited.
Loads of sheep in this area.
Lots of this sort of thing. Sometimes it would be a dirt road that was incredibly narrow.

Not sure what castle this is.
Blarney Castle


This is where we stayed before driving the Ring of Kerry. In Killarney. It was very prehistoric looking. The people down in this area seem to be into fitness and outdoorsy things. Once you start driving the 6 hour drive that is the Ring of Kerry, the scenery changes so much. It goes from forest to jungle to country etc. There were palm trees at one point. Sandy beaches. You wouldn't guess you were in Ireland.

Much higher in person.
Very Pirates of the Caribbean.

This guy had the baby version of everything. His name is something Fitzgerald.

Where Harry Potter Half Blood Prince was filmed. The Cliffs of Moher.

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