Colourpop International Ordering 2016 | Canadian Experience

November 14, 2016

Ordered Received: October 26, 2016
Order Shipped: November 3, 2016
Package Received: Novemeber 13, 2016
Length of Wait: 19 Days to near Toronto
Cost: $52 US = $71.50 CND with exchange and tax. 
No custom fees.

Colourpop has offered free shipping international shipping for those that spend $50. 

For first time buyers, we are provided with $5 off coupon for those that sign up for the Colourpop newsletter. This could cut down the shipping costs for those that spend under the required price needed to get free shipping. Unfortunately, this deal can't be used when there is a special promotion going on! For example, Colourpop offered free highlighters dependant on how much you spend. I took advantage of this, spending $50 to be eligible for free shipping and getting 2 free highlighters. I could not use my $5 off coupon for my first ever order because I took advantage of the free highlighter deal.

Shipping Experience

Right after ordering, I got an email saying my order would take 3-5 days to ship. I got another email on the fifth day saying " There may be a delay in the arrival of your most recent purchase due to the current high volume of orders." That made sense because of the recent promos. My order was shipped one week after ordering. I was watching updates on my package through Colourpop as well as the USPS website tracker. They often conflicted with what they told me. Colourpop would tell me my package was in Toronto one day, Louisville the next day and California the next. Very inn-inaccurate. It was on a Sunday that I got my package and I had no idea it was coming! I didn't even know it was possible to get a package on Sunday. In the early morning before I got the package, I had checked for an update (just because) and the first image is what I saw. No indication that it was nearby. The huge box was just left outside and thankfully no one stole it. And nothing was broken.

Last update before I got my package.
Update after I got


The packaging was great and funny. They had a big ol sticker to notify the carriers that it was fragile. They had a huge box protecting the Colourpop boxes within it. When I opened it, I thought they gave me standard boxes but to my enjoyment, it was their pretty boxes. You open it up and it has all the designs and stuff. Everything I bought was there. Some of the lipstick boxes weren't closed. I didn't care.

That's everything though. If you have any questions, shoot me a comment below!

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