Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario Price Comparisons with Sephora & MUG

October 04, 2016

With the release of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario, you might have encountered the dilemma of whether or not you should buy it. If you're a makeup junkie, you know you'll probably buy it without hesitation. Because it's just so pretty... and it's Mario and Anastasia... and you just want to recreate the eye looks Kim K wears.

Maybe you're like myself, looking to invest in an everyday neutral palette without spending a crazy amount of money. My personal dilemma is whether or not I should get the Master Palette or individual shadows from Makeup Geek. Because lets be real, Makeup Geek can dupe nearly every shade in the Master Palette for twice as much product... If you were to dupe every one of the 12 shades from the Master Palette with MUG shadows, you would pay about $106 CND for 21.6 grams of product. The Master Palette is $60 CND for 6.8 grams. To put this in perspective, one MUG shadow is $6 or $10 for 1.8 g. One pan from the Master Palette palette would be nearly $5 for 0.7 g. So about the same price but a lot less product.

As we eyeshadow lovers know, there are some shades that you just fly through. Typically I hit pan on lighter, neutral shades. The Master Palette is full of wearable colours, so you should finish most of the palette within a year. I should note that the shelf life of the palette is 6 months. Which i'm sure no one will follow that guideline. So you need to consider how fast you use an eyeshadow and how much product is needed for the desired pigmentation. A makeup artist would probably hit pan very fast on these shadows. I have never finished a standard sized eyeshadow on myself.

I'd love to buy the Master Palette because it's just sooooooooooo damn beautiful and I know the quality will be great. But I still need to consider some more. Because i'd hate to hit pan on some of those shiny champagne shades. The blue and green shade I wouldn't want to buy in 'the full size' because i'd never finish them. I could dupe those s two shades with Wet n Wild eyeshadows... If I were to buy the Master Palette, I might throw in a few staple MUG shadows that I feel are missing from that palettes near perfection. I can be so indecisive. What are your thoughts?

Here are price and product amount comparisons featuring eyeshadow palettes that are similar in price and shades to the ABH Master Palette. Basically all neautral, wearable shadows. #shouldibuy

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