Urban Decay Basics 2 Palette | Review | Swatches | 4 Basic Looks

September 03, 2016

This $36 palette has been around for a while. It's sort of been forgotten as new palettes with trendy colours hit the makeup shelves constantly. This palette look pretty dull (literally). But it has worth in my eyes!

  It contains all the basic shadows the average - newbie makeup user would need.

With these shades, you have the foundation of a basic eye look. You can then buy your colourful eyeshadows separately to incorporate into the look. Lay down your base with these and then add a foiled shadow to the lid! Also, this makes a great brow filler. I mix the last two shades of the palette for my brow filler to make the perfect cool toned brow colour.

This is a palette you could actually use up.

The shades in this palette all are a pastel-like and not the most pigmented. It looks as if the darker colours in particular have been diluted with white. I personally prefer a true, bold, pigmented colour. I know how to work with them to make them less pigmented. BUT if you're not the best with blending eyeshadow, this would be so easy to work with! It's basically impossible to create a poor look with this palette.

I find this palette is very matte to the point that it adds a bit of texture the eyelid. A more satin shadow wouldn't do that. It's a minor thing that bothers me when I use it. Another thing to note is that these kick up a lot of 'dust' with your brush. I am very interested to see how the new Urban Decay matte palette formula feels compared to this.

I think this palette can be of value to others who want a reasonably priced, neutral- matte palette that is easy to use. It really is a loved palette by many. I myself wouldn't repurchase this because I want to buy neutral shadows that are more vibrant.

L-R Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, Undone

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