Covergirl Smoothers BB Cream | Review | Swatches | Before/After (Not Cruelty Free)

September 14, 2016

This is basically a tinted moisturizer. You might have noticed the word 'swatches' in this post title. The truth is, swatches are pretty pointless because this product is so sheer. As long as you stick to your shade category, you don't need to worry about matching undertones.

This BB cream has zero benefits to skin health. No spf, no antioxidants etc. It will just give your skin moisture. There are no ingredients that cause acne. I have never gotten acne from this which is a miracle because I break out from most things. This smells the slightest bit of sunscreen.

I do like this product as a cream. It feels nice and sits very well on the skin alone, leaving a slightly tacky feel. It doesn't mix the best with Maybelline Better Skin Liquid Concealer, so I'm not sure how well other liquid concealer would look on this. It's hard to explain but it just didn't blend together.

I wouldn't repurchase this. It's just too sheer that you nearly notice no difference unless you put a ton of product on, which in that case, the tube will be empty in a month! When I do put a lot of this cream on my face, I notice maybe 4% of coverage. I simply want more coverage so I started making my own tinted moisturiser. Problem solved :) Don't get me wrong, I like this stuff a lot but it's sort of pointless. It feels like it would make a great base for makeup, but like I said, some things don't blend well on top of it.

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