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August 24, 2016

Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes 2/5

These wipes feel rough and dry. It's not that their that dry, but the formula feels dry. My thinking was it feel glycerine like. Like I was cleaning my face with glycerine. So I read the ingredients and yep, glycerine is one of the more concentrated ingredients. It takes a lot more wiping than a cleansing water like Bioderma would need. It's like the formula is too gentle. After use there is a cooling sensation, a tight feeling and a slight glycerine residue. I felt the need to wash my face, and when it I did that cooling sensation felt uncomfortably stronger. The next morning my face felt really good and smooth. I guess from all the rubbing I did. So these are pretty good for exfoliation!

Face makeup: It's not the best on cleaning my nose. I still notice foundation in my pores after I thought I would be done. My favourite Bioderma cleansing water usually soaks in pores and dissolve the foundation filling them with ease. It also doesn't feel good wiping makeup off of acne because you need to push harder. Not good for acne in that sense. You need a load of short fast light stokes to try and be gentle and prevent wrinkles. The formula is good for sensitive skin, but the roughness of the wipes and pressure needed is not the best in preventing acne either. I notice if i'm rough with my skin, I break out.

On the eye area: This was a pain to use on the eyes. Hard to remove eye makeup while being gentle. I really notice a cooling sensation on my eyes and a tight feeling. I tried holding the wipe on my eye to try to break up the makeup. It's not wet enough to do that well. I don't have waterproof makeup on other than my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer which it did take off. Mascara was a huge pain to take off.

I don't think these are worth $10. I'll pass. My Bioderma and Marcelle cleansing water are superior. These are not economical. My full face of makeup needed a wipe and a half to be completely cleaned. The pack wouldn't last me a month with daily use since there are 25 wipes. At best, they are convenient for travel,

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer 2.5/5

This $10 moisturizer in a bit impressive compared to most moisturizers in that is has no parabens or added fragrances. It contains amounts of pro-vitamin B5, glycerin, bisabolol and allantoin which all sounds lovely. But at a glance the ingredients seem to be pretty basic. Which is fine by me, but i've seen nicer ingredients in a facial moisturizer.  After using it, I wasn't that impressed. The consistency was great and it soaked in my skin which I loved. But it left a bit of a greasy feeling when I touched my face and it had a HORRIBLE scent. A scent that made me question if the product had gone bad. It smelt sort of moldy. And the product appears to be new. It must be an ingredient, but i'm not sure which. And yes, the scent stays on your face! This moisturizer is just okay. If you're not picky and just want something cheap and simple to take away the dry crusties, this might be okay. But keep in mind you might also find the scent unbearable like I did. I can't use it.

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water 2.5/5

Most people like this makeup remover. It makes me wonder what makeup they are removing, how much of it and if they have ever used a decent makeup remover to compare with. I've never been more sure that I don't like a product before.

I found when removing a full face of makeup with this stuff, it took twice as long and needed more product than I found typical for myself. Dark eye makeup was just smeared around for a bit before the pad wiped it away. Foundation took more swipes as well. It did eventually clean. But it didn't disintegrate makeup all that easily even though my cotton pad was soaked. My Marcelle cleansing water is by far superior and a better deal in my opinion.

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water
$10 CND for 198 ml

Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution
$20 CND for 300 ml
(Sometimes on sale for $11 or in a bonus size at Shoppers)

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