Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer Review, Swatches & Demo

by - August 19, 2016

General Thoughts
I love it. It does exactly what it claims to do. I really didn't have much creasing problem. I need the smallest amount to spot concealer spots. Less product on my face is best for preventing my acne. You can't beat the price for the amount of product you get and need to use. I bought it for it's price, consistency, full coverage nature and ABH reputation for making great products. I'm quite pleased. 1 YEAR UPDATE: I still love this stuff!! Only gripe is the damn shade. I wish it was less yellow because I notice it under my eyes.

More Info
  • Smells like oldschool Crayola crayons
  • Cruelty free
  • No shades for pale olive undetones
  • 10.0 g/o.35 oz for $25 CND. One of the better concealer deals on Sephora!
  • Very little product needed. Should last me over a year. UPDATE. 1 year later, I still have more than half the container left!
  • Thick, tacky formula but not as tacky as Sephora Pantone Correct & Conceal Palette

Price Breakdown of Similar Concealers (full coverage, creamy)
Cheapest > Expensive
$CND per ounce

Kat Von D Concealer                                         $31  0.58 oz/ 17 mL $0.53/oz

ABH Concealer                                                   $25  0.35 oz             $0.71/oz

Kat Von D  It Concealer                                     $34  0.22 oz             $1.53/oz
MUFE Full Coverage Concealer                       $39  0.5 oz/ 14 mL   $78/oz
Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer        $58  0.63 oz/ 17 g    $92/oz or $3/gram
Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme   $39  0.16 oz/ 4.5 g   $243/oz or $8/gram
Benefit Boing Full Coverage Concealer            $26  0.1 oz/ 2.8 g     $260/oz or $9/gram

Laura Mercier                                                     $31  0.08 oz/ 2.2 g   $387/oz


Shade 1

  • Looks very yellow on skin on my skin and in pot. Looks lighter when applied and blends out surprisingly well into skin. Looks good under eyes and colour helps to brighten eye.
  • Looks very similar to 1.5 when held together, but significantly different on skin
  • Would be best for someone with yellow undertones. 
Shade 1.5
  • More orange and dark than 1 on skin.
  • Shade is quite orange initially but blends out a little.
  • Not good for pale or porcelain skin or those with cool undertones.
  • Would be would be best as an undereye corrector colour, a highlighter for darker skin, used to match 'artificially' tanned skin or to match an orange undertone foundation (esp. ones that oxidize.
Eye Application
  •  1 coat under eye looks very natural and skin like. Gives a sheen. Covers well. Eye vein shows through a bit (doesn't bother me)
  • 2 coats shows the sheen more. When set with Makeup Forever HD powder, it took away shine but showed more eye texture. Looks similar to how Mac Prolongewar Concealer looks under eye. Had to pat it out.
  • Very minimal eye creasing. I don't like to bring a lot of concealer up to lashline. If you do and have oily skin or deep undereye lines, you could work around this by using less product and setting it.
Creasing only shows when I squint. It's so minimal.
Face Application
  •  Applied to an unprepped, uncleaned nose, it will transfer very easily with the touch of a finger.
  • Oil will break through product. Oily skinned people will need to take precautions. Prepping, setting and blotting.
  • Covers acne very well
  • Does cling to dry patches.
  • Difficult to blend because of thick tacky nature. Flat foundation brush can leave streaks and sponge will remove product. Best to use finger to pat it in or a fluffy brush.
  • Can be worn on entire face. If you do that, I recommend mixing it with something and exfoliating any dry patches.
Quickly patted out with a finger.
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  1. I keep seeing on pinterest that this concealer would cover a tattoo. I love that you compared it to other concealers price by ounce!
    I just put up a post about new skincare I found from Sephora. I'm a little new at blogging but it would mean a lot if you would check mine out!