Experiment: Selling to Plato's Closest (ON, Canada)

July 31, 2016

So I have a lot of clothes that I just don't wear. A few years ago, someone gave me a ton of clothes that she didn't wear, some with tags. I wear most and gave away other pieces to friends. I had about 3 items with tags on that I just don't wear and the rest were clothes I bought that I never wore.

I'm going to go through my experience in detail. My Plato's Closet is in Southern Ontario.

But for starters, i'll explain how it works. PC sells items 50-70% off of retail price. They offer you a third of the price that they will sell it for. For example, you have an item with a tag that costs $100. They would sell it for say $45. They would probably offer you $10 or $15 for it. Apparently they have a system that tells them how much to offer you depending on the condition of the item and the brand name. The more 'designer', the more $ you'll get. I'm not sure they used that method for me. They won't take something with a hole in it or a stain. Mostly they won't take an item if they don't think it will sell or is not 'current' enough. They like to buy items you'd see on a mannequin at Forever21 currently.

Here are the main items I brought them.
No offers. L-R Garage sweater, Urban Planet Tube Top. Dynamite Shirt, Costa Blanca Tube Top, Walmart Dress. Reasons: Out of date.
Reitmans Top (hole in it, no offer) Forever 21 Sportswear Offered $1.65
Offered $5.25
Urban Planet Dress. No Offer.
New F21 Skirt. $23.80. Offered $3.85 
No Offer. Dress, never worn for Winners. Brand: Speechless.
I was pleased with their offers. I could understand that some people get upset when they spent a lot of money for an item and they don't offer you enough money for it. Don't take it personally. I neverrrrrr wear these clothes and have had them lying around for a long time. I would say don't go there expecting for much. It's best to bring items you would have given away to Value Village anyways. (Personally, I hate Value Village so I try to avoid bringing products to them)

I brought in a box of neatly folded clothes, washed, de-haired. (People usually just stick their clothes in a trash bag) They bought about half of what I brought. Mostly stuff with tags on it, trendy looking or forever21.

The staff at my store are very nice but I left the store feeling a bit pissed because of the way the store was organised in terms of wait time during selling. I had a girl greet me at the door instantly and tell me how it works to sell to them. I was first in line and she said it would take 30 minutes. People came in behind me with a lot of clothes and an hour wait time for them yet they ended up leaving before me. They are suppost to write your name of a board when your items are finished being checked. I kept checking for my name as I browsed the store. Never happened, apparently they don't use it. So after 45 minutes, I go to a new girl (because the original was gone) and she said my order was done... But now she was now busy with other things and customers so suggested i'd look around more (again) and she'd come get me. She never did get me, I had to go back again and she instantly checked me out and apologized for the wait.

I watched the store for a while. This had been my second visit. This a fairly new store. BUT I think they need to get more organized and hire more people. There were only two people cashing people out, sorting through clothes and constantly getting people coming in with bags and quoting. They looked swamped. This store needs to get two people for going through clothes being dropped off by sellers (Because a lot of drop offs come in) and one or two workers for the cash alone.

POINT. If you're selling, they might go through it your items sooner than you think. So check back often.

I'll be going back to see if I can sell what they didn't take as well as more clothes I don't wear.

As for the prices of items in the store, not bad!! They have so many lovely little dresses for great prices! A large variety of clothes and plenty of sized small-large and size 8 shoes. Some clearance items too. The shirts were priced nicely, some as low as $2. There were some items that the pricing was..stupid.  The stuff from Urban Planet in particular. As we know, UP is pretty cheap and always has sales. I bought my pants at urban planet for $10-$12 and found them at Plato's for $12. So keep that in mind.

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