EBAY Eyelash Haul & Review!

by - June 26, 2016

I bought some eyelashes from Ebay. Some were horrible and some were damn good. Everything individual product was from $1-$4. That saves a lot of money for you if you go through lashes like crazy. 

For example, an Ardelle Individual Lash pack costs about $7 CND for 56 lashes. 
The same quality individual lashes on Ebay cost nearly $2 for 60 lashes.
You could buy 3 packs (180 individual) for $6!

Exact product pictures and links I bought from are shown below.

Indivual Lashes 

There are two kinds of unnamed individual lashes being sold on Ebay. One is far better than the other. Have you ever seen Ardelle individual lashes? They're great right. Notice how the individual lashes taper like a natural lash does? Well that's what you want! The one type of lash sold (Type A) doesn't taper nicely and frankly, looks fake. It's not horrible but you're getting your dollars worth. A real problem with it is trying to remove a lash without damaging it. It's hard to remove with tweezers because it's really glued in and in a little space. Another thing to note is that the 8mm lashes are more flared where the 10mm-12mm are a lot less flared. The second type of lash sold (Type B) is a few cents more expensive. It's the same quality as Ardelle Individuals. I recommend that. The packing is also far better. It comes in a close-able case which I like for sanitary reasons. ALSO, the lash is very easy to remove without damaging. You often won't get exactly the packaging you see in the picture provided by the Ebay Seller. Sometimes you will! Look for vendors that show pictures of the pink packaged lashes you see below.

Easy Removal

Difficult Removal

Ruined Lashes

Comparing 8mm Ebay Individuals. L:Type A   R: Type B

Taiwan Strip Lashes

Avoid these lashes if you are looking to buy strip lashes! They are not good. The manufacturers seem to have updated the material the lashes are attached to from black thread to plastic that doesn't bend to the eye shape. I find it doesn't matter what glue I use, these lashes lift in the corners of my eye. Not only that, they look horrible at the base. 

BUT, you could certainly use cut the lashes to use just the individual lashes that are attached. You can slid them off of the string or plastic and had double the amount of individual lashes.

Ebay Taiwan Strip Lashes. Old > New. Equally horrible.

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