Review on DUO Brush-On Adheasive with Vitamins

March 16, 2016

Formaldehyde and latex free. Added vitmains a, c, and e
I ADORE this eyelash adhesive. The application is very easy and fast and last all day. 
Perfect for a big day!

The main reason that I buy lash glue in this format is because they are usually formaldehyde and latex free. Formaldehyde is something I don't want around my eyes. Also there are a lot of people with latex allergies and sensitivity, so this is a good product if you're a makeup artist. Unfortunaetly, I find glue in this consitency and packaging dry out faster than if it were in a squeeze tube. 

It dries very quickly. You don't need a lot. You might think it's too thin at first, but it's surprisingly strong. It is clear. It doesn't turn opaque for me ever.

FRIENDLY WARNING: Try not to let this glue touch your the skin of your eyelid while it's wet because it's a pain to get off! Try to make sure it's a little tacky and then apply.

Where to Buy

I recommend buying it at Sally Beauty or Walmart because it's cheapest ($6-7 CND) 
Sephora sells this adhesive for a whopping $12 CND!

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