Review | Mac Pigments in Melon & Naked (Not Cruelty Free)

March 23, 2016

When using these pigments, the first thing I noticed was that they look different swatched than they do in their container. Overall, they look best when applied wet. Another thing to mention is they look different on different skintones. Melon looks lovely on pale skin, but I found it looked AMAZING when applied wet to dark brown skin. Skin tone does peak through these two shades. For personal use, the full size is huge and would be very difficult to get through. But they should last years without going bad. Naked comes in a smaller size for $12 CND which is what I would recommend buying. There are 4 travel sized pigments, unfortunately Melon is not one of them. If you're interested in trying these for yourself, ask for a sample. You might be given a sample large enough to last a while. You can mix it with alcohol to clean it and press it down to make it more solid.

I really like, really these but I wish Mac carried more super reflective champagnes, neutrals, and golds.

Melon looks red when loose. But swatched, it looks a red, golden colour! Magic! Just to note, that this is sitting on slightly tinted glass over a white background. The colour is very accurate.

Looks boring,  but I think it's a lovely colour that is extremely wearable. It's basically the colour of my skin, so on my lids, it gives a sheen. I noticed some slightly larger shimmers hear and there on my eye which I didn't like so much. But that's me being picky. 

Melon is on the left and Naked on the right.
Both are applied dry and wet.
Melon is little more intense in real life and a little more reddy-golden.
Naked also looks more shiny in real life.
Notice the undertone change in Melon on the left! Why does this intrigue me so much.
I can see Naked pulling off this look nicely.

Melon on the center of eye here.
Naked applied wet all over.

Did you ever buy a full sized Mac pigment? How long did it last?

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