Review | L'oreal Extraordinary Oil Line (Not Cruelty Free)

March 22, 2016

Three of these products were from a L'oreal Voxbox I received from Influenster. It was my first voxbox ever and pretty good seeing that i'm in Canada. Either way, my review will be honest.

I've never used a L'oreal hair products. What I usually use are Tresemme shampoos and conditioners, hair oils by Garnier and the one 'n only Argan Oil Restorative Mask.

L'oreal Extraordinary Oil Dry Oil Spray 4/5

What I look for in a hair oil:

I like a hair oil to add shine without looking greasy, make my hair look less dry and more manageable. I want it to lessen frizz and make curls more defined.  I like a non perfumy scent because I sometimes get headaches from strong chemical fragrance. Lastly, if there is some sort of oil to make my hair more healthy, that's a big plus!


This claims to give weightless shine, tame hair, and add 'brilliant luminescence'. When you look at the bottle, you see the words oil and an orange liquid- you might think 'argan oil!' Nope, there is none.

Instantly absorbs into hair to weightlessly provide a sheer oil of shine without leaving residue. This treatment tames flyaways and hair with shine.

What it did for me:

I was very impressed with this dry oil! I use two sprays in my palm, rub them together and run them through the end of my hair. This stuff is incredibly lightweight. It didn't weigh my hair down at all. It gave my hair some slip which is very nice if you have curly, frizzy or tangled hair. I have split ends and very dry hair. This makes my hair looks more hydrated therefore more coloured. I'm not sure if you notice, but dry ends can look lighter. This does add some shine. I would not recommend adding this to bangs or the top of your head because your hair will look greasy much faster! It did help to define curls a little bit, but not as much as I would like. On straight hair, it makes the ends a little more grouped together and smoothed out rather than fluffy- I hope you know what I mean!  I really like this stuff. My only complaint is the scent. It's a little strong of a citronella scent for my liking but I can handle it without getting a headache but just barely.

Ingredients Breakdown:

The first 3 ingredients are silicones. This is not unusual at all. This is what gives it it's lightweight feeling and slip. Many products that claim to treat or cure split end (laughing) are really just these silicones which fill in the damage.

This is also not untypical. Some alcohol is good for hair, some bad. Alcohol denat is sort of needed for the product, but it does dry out hair a little. I guess the oil would counteract that though.

The fifth ingredient is coconut oil. That's nice! They also added some olive oil and carrot oil.

There are so many types of fragrance in this! About half or more of the ingredients are frangrances. Ionone geraniol, parfum, limonene, linalool, citronellol etc, etc, etc- YUCK. Don't like any other these.

What I look for: 

Anything that will make my hair not feel like hay. I also like my split ends to look better and something that will help with frizz. Overall, something that repairs my hair and improves the texture.

What I got: 

I got moisture added back into my hair, increased softness and scented hair that smelled good. When I first opened this product, I liked the look of it. I found the scent very unusual, but sort of good. Kind of like cinnamon. I actually used this mask on one side of my hair and my argan restorative mask by 'n and only on the other side and didn't notice much of a difference once my hair dried. That's good. That being said, I don't think this does anything to strengthen hair or treat damage. I'm also not convinced this product is necessary, especially when using a good conditioner. The Extraordinary Oil Conditioner has better ingredients and more product for less, and I find it does a better job. I should also note that the main ingredient is the same as with the conditioner. This is also a pain in the butt to use and I don't use it. Try opening or closing the lid with slippery fingers. So i'd pass on buying or recommending this.


Ceteryl alcohol is the main ingredient other than water. just like most hair masks.
Mineral oil is the other main ingredient. Which is such a cheap product. So not impressed there. Then you got all the other typical stuff added like emulsifiers and some oils. Lastly fragrances and BHT. No parabens added which is great but BHT is a preservative that is not particularly healthy.

What I look for:

Something that won't strip my hair and head to death... i'm looking at you Herbal Essence. Yet something that will clean effectively. And provide moisture and decrease frizz.


With 6 precious oils, transforms and nourishes dry hair.
Feel intense nutrition. See lustrous shine. Touch infinite softness. Smell luxurious fragrance.

What I got:

An amazing shampoo. I think some might find it gives a soapy residue compared to most drugstore shampoo. In my opinion, it left a light layer of moisture. It cleaned without over stripping. It felt gentle. It smelled amazing. I hate scents, but this was yummy. Like a cake and coffee shop. And it made my hair smell like a cake and coffee shop. I use this with the conditioner. I have a small little concern though. I feel my hair may get a tad oilier faster than with my other shampoo. It's nothing horrible there, but I noticed it. Overall, I feel the claims were pretty accurate. I recommend you check this out if you have dry, stripped hair. 


There are a lot ingredients in here and I had a hard time reading or understanding many. I see argan oil is added in. I don't mind that one bit :) I see no parabens or BHT. Not bad! There is a ton of fragrance, but it didn't bother my head. At first glance I didn't notice any formaldehyde releasing ingredients.

What I look for:

Something to make my hair softer and more nourished feeling and looking. Something that tames frizz.


With 6 precious oils, transforms and nourishes dry hair.
Feel intense nutrition. See lustrous shine. Touch infinite softness. Smell luxurious fragrance.

What I got:

I feel this is a nice conditioner with some thickness to it. My hair did feel nourished and less dry. But it wasn't anything that different than my Tresemme conditioner. It does add a scent to your hair. I don't like the scent as much as the shampoo. It does work nicely with the conditioner. My hair feel softer. This worked just as good as their mask, so i'd pass on the mask. This is easier to use and has nicer oils rather than mineral oil and you get a bit more for nearly $2 cheaper.


There are lots of nice oils like the shampoo has. It's main ingredient is the same as the hair mask- cetearyl alchol. Nothing really stood out to me of concern other than the fragrance.


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