How To Prevent Dark Undereye Creasing and Transferring

February 14, 2016

Sorry for the close up Cara. I usually get dark under eye circles from mascara transferring under my eye when blinking rather than from liners and shadows. Whatever it is causing your creasing and dark under eyes, i’ve found some ways to avoid this annoying effect. They’re simple and worth the little extra effort.

Use an eye primer under your eyes
People seem to forget that the creases under our eye need  some primer attention!
Avoid using cream concealer or dewy foundation right under eye
Especially if you have oily skin. Mac Prolong wear concealer is great to avoid creasing under your eyes.
Use waterproof or anti-smudge mascara
A lot of the time, dark undereye smudges are from your mascara and blinking. HD powder under your eye can also work.
Don’t go so heavy on emollient liners or cream eyeshadow
Unless it’s good quality and stays put or is waterproof.
Apply a little translucent powder
Or as some call, HD powder. Apply before application of cream eyeshadow or pencil liner. Why before? This is made of silica, It will absorb oil, mattify and concealer and fill in the creases a little. You can go over the cream as well, but be careful. You will get a matte effect and if you go too heavy and don’t blend, a white cast can show in flash photography. A setting spray can get around this.

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