Facial Pad & Cloth Brightening Treatments: Ole Henrikson vs First Aid Beauty

February 15, 2016

Ole Henrikson The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths: Brightening

General Thoughts: These have a very strong, sweet smell. Although the smell is pleasant, it's extremely strong. Your face will smell like candy and citrus, which is something I wouldn't prefer. I like that this doesn't leave a sticky residue. I love the ingredients and do feel some extremely mild exfoliation. The pads are nice and damp, but you can't really cut the cloths into small pieces or else it dries out fast and is not enough product for your face. I'd recommend you cut your clothes into halves. You don't need a whole cloth for you face unless you need some serious cleaning or want a to use it as a treatment. The package doesn't close all the way after a while, so you'll need to keep this in a ziplock bag. I didn't notice serious brightening, but rather some smoothing, exfoliation and removal of oil. It's not the best at removing makeup, though it can remove some pretty well with some scrubbing.

Final Thoughts: To me, this feels more of a luxury product. Not something needed, but nice to have. It's a fancy facial wipe. My mom loves this stuff for her skin- which is oily and mature. It's a nice product to buy if you want something to very mildy exfoliate, remove makeup residue, oil and dirt. If you are considering this for fading post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, don't expect much of a change for a few months, if at any. Same goes for anti-aging, I doubt there are any benefits, but that would be a whole other article to explain why. I won't be repurchasing this because it's something I don't need for my skin and I don't like the strong overwhelmingly delicious smell.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

General Thoughts: This seems to be more popular and hyped when it comes to mildy resurfacing face cloths. I personally think they are overhyped. Similar to Ole Henrikson, these have a very sweet, delicious smell. I personally prefer the smell of this more than the Ole Henrikson as it's more subtle. This contains lactic and glycolic acid at 5% which is what gives it it's exfoliating property. I have hyperpigmentation and it didn't do anything drastic to improve my hyperpigmentation at all. But to be fair, I only used the smaller size of this. It does have mild exfoliation benefits. When applying this, I feel some tingle. It also leaves a bit of a sticky residue which I don't like as well as that sweet smell. 

Final Thoughts: This is good to use daily to combat and prevent clogged pored. It's great to use after makeup removal to remove any left over makeup residue and oil. If you've never used chemical exfoliation, this is a good first product to break your skin in to it because it's mild. It's good to start at a low percentage of chemical exfoliation for first time users to sensitize the skin to it. It's also good for KP (aka dry rough chicken skin on your face). It's not the cheapest face wipe out there, but for Sephora, it's the best of the cheapest. I personally won't be repurchasing this because I don't feel I need it in my regime. I can achieve the same results this gives with a BHA, AHA serum and toner. I feel like it was very subtle of a difference in my skin, where without use, my skin didn't change or suffer.

Do you think you'll buy these? Have you tried them?

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