What EOS lipbalm did to my lips (rash/blister and super dry lips)

January 13, 2016

BACKGROUND: I've always had a chapped bottom lip. I've never, ever, had a chapped upperlip. I only the EOS honeydew flavour.

On November 29, I developed a tight scabby-like thing on my upper lip. It looked horrible. It was red, dry and tight. Eventually the scab fell off, yet the skin underneath was still read, hard, and tight. I never got anything like this.

I've never had a cold sore, but I thought it might be the beginning of one, even though I didn't have the symptoms off one. (Cold sores also don't last a month and a half and they are painful)

It was so strange. I started to use petroleum and it improved a little. But I still was using my EOS often. Then I started using just EOS again, because I didn't like how petroleum made my lips feel dehydrated when it wore off.

The tight, red hard crust returned week, after week, after week.

I started to Google vitamin deficiencies, cold sores and lip cancer.

I went to the doctor, to see what it was and get a check up. We debated for a while, and he insisted it was not a cold sore. He said it was dry skin or an allergy to lipstick or something. I wasn't buying it completely.I never had an allergy and who gets a reaction to a natural lip balm! By this point, it was starting to itch. I started putting EOS above my lip line to sooth the itch, and the redness and rawness spread above my lip line. I noticed a tingle when eos touched my upper lip, where it was bad. Sometimes it felt like I had fluid coming from the bad spot.

So I stop using EVERYTHING on my lips. They feel horrible. They are dry and cracking, but the rash-thing on my upper lip looks much better.

I log onto facebook, see a huge article of EOS causing lip rashes and blisters. A class action lawsuit had been filed against EOS. The pictures looked similar to what I had, just way worse and spread far around the lip. It clicked in.

EOS is my lipbalm. It caused this lip problem.

Image result for eos lip balm controversy

The two pictures below this is what I had for weeks. It felt tight and hard. The texture of my lip was changed. The picture below is from two days go, when it got bad. I think it might have blistered. I stopped picking at it and touching it.

I'm shocked that I got this reaction. I've been reading lip sites and noticed a lot of people saying out of no where they got a reaction to products like EOS. I've used EOS for 2 years. I don't think it' a moisturising product, but that's what I used.

Point is, even natural things can cause trouble.

UPDATE: Penaten magically cured my lip! Our house hold Penaten I swear is, 18 years old. Worked like a charm. My lip healed after two days of applications!!

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