11 July 2017

Dr. Sholls Cheer Shootie Review & Shoe Warehouse Review

I have found the perfect heeled shoe. It's casual but classy. It's comfortable as hell. It's easy to walk in and will never fall off my foot. It's also got great traction so I won't walk like a giraffe on ice. I have never loved a shoe more.

This is the Dr. Sholls Cheer Shootie in black. They also have the same one is a tan shade. It's Dr. Sholls, so you can imagine it's comfortable. The heel is wide and not too high so very manageable for those who can't walk in heels (like me).

Price and Availability:
I've waited a year to get these shoes because I wanted to buy them on sale. I rarely pay full price for an item. I managed to get these for about $46 CAD, at the Shoe Warehouse. You can also find them elsewhere. Right now they are $54 CAD online. These were originally $90 CAD! The Shoe Warehouse is legit amazing. They have great sales. I went in store to buy these but they didn't have my size. They shipped a pair of my size to my house free of charge (I paid for the shoes of course) and I got them 2 days later! The cashier also signed me up for their rewards program. I can't remember the specifics (and their website link is broken right now) but I got $10 towards my next purchase. I think shipping would have cost me $8 online, which makes no sense that they shipped it to free to me from a physical store. I had originally called another store and the girl said that they could order a pair for me to pick up in store but not send it to my home. So, i'm confused but it all worked out for me :)

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4 July 2017

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse Review | Self Tanning Tips

I've really never cared about if I was tan or pale but sometimes you feel like not being pale for a little bit. I've always wanted to try a tanning mousse because I just can't get the tan I had as a kid, running around outside and swimming. I don't like the idea of skin damage anymore. St. Tropez is one of the most popular tanning companies out there. They're very effective and good at what they do.

For an iconic, natural, and healthy-looking tan, this newly formulated, lightweight classic mousse tailors to your individual skin tone, for that longest-lasting tan in one application. It’s streak-free, easy to apply, quick-drying, non-sticky with no transfer, and ultra-hydrating. Plus, it has no self tan smell, yet features a new mood-boosting fragrance.

First Time Experience:
My first time using it, it went nearly smoothly. I had 3 hiccups. The first 'mistake I made' was I let water drip down my arm and hour after application. You literally cannot get wet for a few hours of your initial coating. I ended up walking about with a pale line on my arm for a week. The second mistake I made was not moisturizing my knees enough. If you don't, you will have much tanner knees (is that a word?). The third mistake is I didn't do a good job applying it to my feet. They my feet looked pale and my ankles darker.

Woops. This one's my fault.
Here's a guideline so you don't screw up when using it for the first time.

  • Exfoliate your whole body the day before.
  • Moistuire your extra dry areas before application. If you're applying to your face, exfoliate and moisturize VERY well.
  • Use a tanning mitt to apply an even coating. Nothing else will work. 
  • Apply everywhere your skin will be seen by others. Don't forget behind the ears!
  • Strive for about 1-2 even coatings per area. 2 pumps for your arm is good.
  • Don't get wet for at least 5 hours! No sweating. No washing dishes. Nothing.

Review Continued:
I really like it because it gives a natural looking tan that lasts at least a week. I had a friend that years ago, was always orange from her tanning products. This doesn't really do that. The first day I lean to a more natural orange. By day 3, it looks like a real tan. On to the things I don't like. You literally need to take a day off when using this. You can't go to an important event on the day you apply it because you'll smell strong and can't get wet. For a day, I smell strongly of a fragrance type smell I don't care for and wouldn't feel comfortable going out with. If it was vanilla, that's a different story. If it was scentless, even better! I'm also conscious of the fact that I glow. It looks nice but I don't like the idea of being covered in what's similar to makeup. After a shower, the smell and glow leaves, and I feel much better.

Applied to top arm.
Price and Availability:
You can find St Tropez everwhere. Shoppers, Sephora, Murale, Hudsons Bay, Beauty Bay etc. The applicator mitt costs $6.50 US or $9 CAD. The Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse costs $32 US or $42 CAD for the smaller size (4 fl oz). 

Buy or Pass?
I'm definitely happy with how my tan looks and how long it lasts! I recommend it. I would be very happy with it if it was scentless and 

*provided for consideration. 

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3 July 2017

Furless Cosmetics Loose Pigment Eyeshadow | Swatches, Review & Pressing ...

SHAMELESS (yellow)

IMMORAL (lavender purple)

HUMILIATE (chocolate brown)

VISCIOUS (gun metal silver)

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